5 essential leadership skills to drive team convergence

All team leaders should constantly develop 5 essential skills to build convergence within their teams:

1) Promote clear values: to be effective, team leaders and team members need to share the same business values and understanding concerning what it takes to be effective as a team

2) Define clear objectives: team leaders must be able to show the big picture and connect individual and collective objectives to overall team strategy

3) Define clear activities: all team members must understand their own role and area of responsibility and that of their colleagues. Team members should share objectives to encourage team work and better understanding of need for team work. The results of the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.

4) Lead by example: teams need to meet challenging objectives and may often meet obstacles within the organisation. Leaders have a key role in developing a positive surge capable of overcoming obstacles and inertia and must lead by example to demonstrate that effective results are achievable. Setting an example is always key. This also means taking overall responsibility when things go wrong and defending team members whenever necessary.

5) Improve continuously: leaders must constantly seek to improve individual and team performance by:

– constantly giving feedback to team members
– focusing on what’s right and not who is right
– developing a team spirit focusing on winning rather than on not losing
– promoting a search for excellence
– set high personal standards and do all that is possible to live up to these standards
– remaining humble

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