6 Thinking Hats : Edward de Bono and Robert Heller for thinking managers

Thinking managers.com: Edward de Bono an Robert Heller\'s web site

Check out Edward de Bono’s website which will give you lots of ideas on how to stimulate your creativity and help others to develop theirs.
Edward de Bono is famous for his 6 thinking hats methodology which allows you to problem solve by approaching problems from 6 different directions. Each direction or perspective is symbolized by a coloured hat:
– White for facts and figures
– Red for emotions
– Black for caution and care
– Yellow for positive speculation
– Green for creativity
– Blue for process, order and control

A good way of ensuring you step out of a preferred perspective and analyze the situation with others from the 6 perspectives. To problem solve, Edward de Bono’s 6 thinking Hats method teaches us to look at a problem from all 6 perspectives systematically so that all points of view are covered.

We’ll be adding more content to this page in the near future with an overview of the methodology.

If you’ve used Edward de Bono’s methodology, feel free to share your learning experiences and best practices with us.

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